Common Marriage Preparation Questions

1. What’s the purpose of marriage preparation?

Because of marriages’ importance, the archdiocese requires and regulates an intentional marriage preparation process. Our goal is to help you to grow in love and be open to God’s graces in preparation toa happy and fulfilling marriage. There are several components to this:

  • To determine whether you have the basic elements of a psychological, intellectual, moral and legal capability for marriage and family life
  • To foster a clear awareness of the essential characteristics of Catholic marriage: unity, fidelity, indissolubility, and fruitfulness
  • To offer an opportunity for deepening your personal faith and to help you discover of the value of the sacraments and the experience of prayer
  • To offer practical advice and assistance on married love, including marital communication and overcoming challenges
  • To provide education and support on Catholic values concerning human life and married sexuality, in keeping with the authentic teachings of the Church.